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Trade Books & NGOs

Working with nonfiction and fiction writers is both a great pleasure and an honor, particularly with those who represent marginalized voices. I have worked as a trade publishing copy editor, translator, and sensitivity reader, and I strive to make your voice heard. As a sensitivity reader, I can help identify issues of misrepresentation, bias, stereotypes, negatively charged language, and provide a historical/structural oppression.perspective.

I have also dedicated my professional life to nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations and institutions, from working for academia to community media, foundations, and environmental groups. I have been lucky to work next to people who are passionately dedicated to social, racial, gender, economic, and environmental justice. Change is possible; I’ve seen it in action.


Libélula offers copy editing and translation services (English-Spanish and Spanish-English) for small publishers and nonprofits at discount prices. If you have a report due to be published, if you want to reach a wider, more diverse audience, if you need a translation with gender-neutral pronouns, Libélula will take care of you. I also have experience doing sensitivity readings in English and Spanish.

Opciones Limitadas

Spanish Translation
Antonio Nava, Opciones ilimitadas: cómo resolver sus problemas con el IRS sin perderlo todo (Little Rock, AR: Paperback, 2023).

Cuando todos lideran

Copy editing
Ed O’Malley and Julia Fabris McBride, Cuando Todos Lideran (Portlan, OR: Bard Press, 2023). Published by the Kansas Leadership Center.

Blend In or Fade Out

Colnese M. Hendon, Blend In or Fade Out: A Memoir (Minneapolis, MN: Strive, 2022). Strive Publishing focuses on centering black narratives.

Who Has Hair Like Mine?

Translation into Spanish and French
Michelle Burch and Blanca Burch, “Who Has Hair Like Mine?” (Atlanta, GA: Culturally Kreative, 2022). French version was done in collaboration with Frederique Parpaix.

Literal Demons

Sensitivity/Authenticity Reader
For Justin Schuelke for one of his Incarnate Accounts title series. My work helped him rethink one of his characters. “I wanted to at least send you a HUGE thank you right away because I really appreciate your input!,” he said.

A New Way Forward

Copy Editor and Designer
Piper Fund. A New Way Forward: Bringing an Equity Lens to the Work of Reducing the Influence of Money in Our Democracy
(Amherst, MA: Proteus Fund, 2015). The Piper Fund works to defend democratic norms and institutions.

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