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About Me

Sofía Jarrín

My name is Sofía Jarrín. I am an academic, nonprofit, and fiction copy editor, proofreader, and translator with over a decade of experience. I have worked with academic publishers and nonprofit institutions in the United States and Latin America. My commitment as an editor is to apply a conscious reading to all my editing work by respecting the writer’s background, country of origin, and lived experience.

I am 100% bilingual in English and Spanish, and can read French and Portuguese. I am a nonbinary Latine, a mother, and an advocate for indigenous rights and environmental justice.


My rates follow the standard pricing scale of the Editorial Freelancers Association, with exceptions. I am happy to talk to you if you have tight budget or are a small NGOs.

For Academic Translations I offer services at special prices, since I often copy edit the work as I go.

NGOs receive a Libélula Style Sheet that they can later use for future translations.

Bilingual Libélula Editorial and Translation Services
17 Paradise Road
Vinnin Square Plaza #1065
Salem, MA 01970

Contact Me

Please use the form to tell me about the details of your project; can’t wait to work on it together .